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Grand Tour of ThursoThumbnail for article : Grand Tour of Thurso
The BBC travel show "Grand Tours of Scotland" arrives in Thurso and checks the surf..  
Fireworks and Bonfire At AuckengillThumbnail for article : Fireworks and Bonfire At Auckengill
AUCKENGILL hall committee’s Guy Fawkes party went with a bang...and a whiz and plenty of sparkle, at the weekend.   The ancient fire festival was well “remembered” by members and friends, young and old, who retired to the hall after giving the guys, put together by local youngsters, a hot send-off.  
Thurso Gala 2011 PhotosThumbnail for article : Thurso Gala 2011 Photos
Thurso Gala 2011 - Click the link above for all the photos..  
Wick Gala 2011 PhotosThumbnail for article : Wick Gala 2011 Photos
Wick Gala 2011 Photos..  
Caithness County Show 2011Thumbnail for article : Caithness County Show 2011
Caithness County Show 2011 - Photos..  
New Children's Home Earmarked For Wick
The Highland Council's Housing and Social Work Committee has agreed in principle to build a new five-bed children's residential home in Wick at an estimated cost of £1.2 million.   Investigations are under way to identify a suitable site for the home, close to school and amenites, and secure the necessary permissions, subject to further decisions by the Council over funding.  
Thurso Gala 2010 PhotosThumbnail for article : Thurso Gala 2010 Photos
To see Thurso Gala 2010 Photos click the link above..  
Wick Gala 2010 PhotosThumbnail for article : Wick Gala 2010 Photos
Wick Gala 2010 Photos.  
Caithness County Show 2010Thumbnail for article : Caithness County Show 2010
Caithness County Show 2010 - Photos..  
Wick Training Centre - Target
Pulteneytown Peoples Project has secured Leader Funding to set up a new project called TARGET which has the objective of running a course targeting young adults who are currently seeking employment.  Courses will also target young adults who are ready to leave school and need experience and information as to what they want to do in the future.  
New Web Site For Pulteneytown People's Project
Pulteneytown People’s Project has recently launched its new website,   PPP Chairperson, Grant Ramsay explained, "PPP Directors and staff hosted a series of open days and presentations over the last year and it came to light that there were still areas of the community who were unaware of the services offered by PPP, or that these services extend to areas outside Wick.  
Thurso Gala 2009 PhotosThumbnail for article : Thurso Gala 2009 Photos
Click the link above to see all the 2009 Thurso Gala photos..  
Wick Gala 2009 PhotosThumbnail for article : Wick Gala 2009 Photos
Wick Gala 2009 Photos.  
Halkirk Highland Games 2009Thumbnail for article : Halkirk Highland Games 2009
Lots of action and very good prize money attracts a good number of heavyweight athletes each year.   Dancing is major feature each year and the standard of entries is very high.  
Caithness County Show 2009Thumbnail for article : Caithness County Show 2009
Caithness County show 2009 - Photos.  
Pulteneytown People Project Learning Centre Summer Schedule
Run by Colin Stewart.  Tel 01955 606950.  
Caithness Model Club Exhibition 2009Thumbnail for article : Caithness Model Club Exhibition 2009
See photos from the 2009 Caithness model show 2009 in the photo gallery..  
'Life and Work' March 2009 Issue
The Young Kirk.  Children should be seen and heard according to the Kirk's specialist in children's ministry the Rev Linda Pollock.  
Caithness Calling For Ministers To Come North
A PRESBYTERY in the Highlands is calling on new ministers because retirements are beginning to take their toll on the number of existing preachers.  Three Church of Scotland ministers have retired from their churches in Caithness in the last 18 months.  
'Life and Work' November 2008 issue
The Blindness Will Pass in Time.  Of the nearly 700,000 Scots who volunteered or were conscripted into the Armed Forces during the First World War, 150,000 did not return.