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Community Workshop in CastletownThumbnail for article : Community Workshop in Castletown
What's it all about - the serious stuff.   The Aspiring Communities Fund helps enable community bodies and third sector organisations in our most deprived and fragile communities to develop and deliver long-term local solutions that address local priorities and needs, increase active inclusion.  
Hi-Viz Vests Free To Clubs and Groups in Caithness
Specsavers in Wick have been in touch to say they have a lots of Hi-Viz vest free for any local groups, schools or clubs Their are adult and kids sizes available.   "Previously we have given them to some local schools and clubs but we still have lots left.  
Appeal for healthcare professionals to become diabetes Clinical Champions for Scotland
Diabetes UK is looking for healthcare professionals from all over Scotland to lead improvements in diabetes care.  The charity is searching for consultants, nurses, GPs, dietitians, podiatrists, pharmacists and psychologists to take part in its Clinical Champions programme.  
Third Sector Grant Cuts Biting Hard
In 2018, The Highland Council agreed a review of all third sector funding contracts moving forward.  This is to ensure that in a time of reducing public sector resource, any funding for third sector services should be allocated within Service Level Agreements, to meet identified needs, with measurable outcomes and providing best value for public money.  
Thurso Community Fridge - You Can Help Give This Fund -raiser a wee pushThumbnail for article : Thurso Community Fridge - You Can Help Give This Fund -raiser a wee push
We're looking to establish a Community Fridge in Thurso - but we need you help to do it! There are currently 32 Community Fridges across the UK and their numbers are growing.  A Community Fridge is open to all and it's key aim is to minimise food waste in a community.  
Where are the Defibrilators in Caithness? - See the list.Thumbnail for article : Where are the Defibrilators in Caithness? - See the list.
list attached.   No LOCATION ACCESS 1 BERRIEDALE - Berriedale Portland Estate Office KW7 6HE Public Access 24/7 2 BOWER - Subsea 7 Hastigrow Fabrication Facility KW1 4TP Public Access 24/7 3 BRIDGE of WESTER - Subsea 7 Wester Site, KW1 4UR Public Access 24/7.  
Caithness Defibrillator Campaign Group (CDCG) Latest Map & List of AEDs in CaithnessThumbnail for article : Caithness Defibrillator Campaign Group (CDCG) Latest Map & List of AEDs in Caithness
Latest location map of defibrillators in Caithness..  
Your Cash Your Caithness - Everyone Wins - Big Surprise For EveryoneThumbnail for article : Your Cash Your Caithness - Everyone Wins - Big Surprise For Everyone
On Saturday 26th January 2019 the Your Cash Your Caithness event was held in front of packed auditorium at the Pulteney Centre in Wick.   Once again 22 Caithness community groups made presentations with questions from the audience about their many and varied projects listed below.  
New website - Proudly Supporting Those Who ServeThumbnail for article : New website - Proudly Supporting Those Who Serve
A new website was launched today (Thursday 24 January 2019) in Highland at Highland Council Council's headquarters which aims to support members of the Armed Forces community in Moray and Highland.   Convener of The Highland Council, Cllr Bill Lobban welcomed the launch of the website which was created by Highland and Moray Councils.  
Partnership with the Third Sector
A paper presented to the Highland council Care Learning and Housing committee on 24 January 2018 showcased some of the work for children and families by the Third sector.   The debate and presentation can be viewed on the council web casting section later today and for one year.  
World Day of Prayer
WORLD DAY OF PRAYER "COME-EVERYTHING IS READY" SERVICE WRITTEN BY CHRISTIAN WOMEN OF SLOVENIA Hosted this year by St Joachim's Wick You are invited to join all denominations all over the world to take part in the World day of prayer We invite representatives of all churches In Caithness to Attend a meeting to discuss the service written by the women of Slovenia.   Reader’s will be needed from various churches.  
Creative play helps children flourish as confident, resilient and happy individuals and it is vital for child development.   Creativity is a key ingredient for children to learn how to follow their curiosity, solve problems and make sense of the world.  
Gender equal play for early yearsThumbnail for article : Gender equal play for early years
The Care Inspectorate in Scotland have produced a report on Equal Play for children.   The report is part of a campaign to encourage and positively promote gender equal play in early years settings.  
Burns Night Shortbread Biscuits - 5 RecipesThumbnail for article : Burns Night Shortbread Biscuits - 5 Recipes
To celebrate Burns Night on Friday 25th January, Scottish Blend, a brew specially blended for Scottish water, have teamed up with independent Scottish Bakery, ‘Pinnies and Poppy Seeds' to create five special shortbread flavours.   Shortbread extraordinaire, Jennifer Hunter, runs her own bakery in Edinburgh, and has created a set of five bespoke homemade shortbreads to perfectly compliment your brew this Burns Night, including: Haggis Spice Raspberry & Oat Irn-Bru Cracked Black Pepper & Crowdie Scottish Tablet Shortbread So why not enjoy a nice hot brew with homemade haggis biscuits after your Burns supper! All recipes combine a traditional method with a twist and are quick and easy to make.  
Noss Primary Children Tell About The Books They Are ReadingThumbnail for article : Noss Primary Children Tell About The Books They Are Reading
The children at Noss Primary school in Wick will tell us about the books they like over the next few weeks.   First up were - Jessica Mackenzie P6R My favourite book is Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson.  
Not Enough Midwife Minutes for Pregnant UK MumsThumbnail for article : Not Enough Midwife Minutes for Pregnant UK Mums
* National midwife shortage leaves 2 in 3 mums feeling under-supported * Half of pregnant women consult the internet for advice * 36% want additional breastfeeding support.   New mums are the latest demographic to feel the sting of a stretched NHS, as research reveals overstretched resources have left 66% of mums wishing they'd been given more time with their midwife during pregnancy.  
Master the Winter Walkies with these five tipsThumbnail for article : Master the Winter Walkies with these five tips
Winter walks with your dog can be a challenging experience.  Cold weather, ice and even snow can make a 10-minute walk feel like a marathon.  
Groups In Running For Your Cash Your Caithness - You can go along and vote
The pubic in Caithness have the chance to decide who gets the cash by voting after hearing short presentations by all of the groups.   Presentations are only 5 minutes with some questions after.  
Should Every Day Small Crimes Have Penalties
QUEUE JUMPING, RUDENESS TO WAITERS, USING MOBILE PHONES IN THE CINEMA, AND STICKING GUM TO THE UNDERSIDE OF TABLES ARE AMONG A LIST OF OFFENCES PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND THINK SHOULD BE MADE ILLEGAL' Researchers polled the nation to discover the everyday "crimes" we'd like to see people apprehended for, top pics from those in Scotland include playing music through phone speakers in public, Sticking used chewing gum under tables, being rude to waiters and driving in the middle lane on a motorway.   Other "offences" we'd like to see outlawed include smelly food on public transport, excessive public displays of affection, and people cutting their nails in public.  
Lunar Eclipse of the Moon (Blood Moon) this weekendThumbnail for article : Lunar Eclipse of the Moon (Blood Moon) this weekend
The UK is on the edge of the world wide area that might see the event but it all depend on our weather as usual.   For this eclipse the moon will turn red - hence "blood moon" tag.