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Women's Aid - Caithness & Sutherland

Photograph of Women's Aid - Caithness & SutherlandCaithness & Sutherland Women's Aid
Is someone:
Threatening you?
Intimidating you?
Isolating you from family and friends?
Hitting you or your children?
Forcing you to have sex?
Controlling you?
Keeping money back from you?
A woman is abused if she is in any way ill-treated or frightened by her partner or ex-partner, or anyone else she lives with or is close to. The abuse may be physical, emotional, financial or sexual. Often a woman will experience a combination of all of these. The abuse may be constant over a long period of time or it may be short lived.

Check the web site for more information.

CASWA: 03454 080151
Golspie Office: 01408 633966

Scottish Women's Aid also has a web site at

Are you a woman who is being abused or have you experienced it in the past?

These are some things that someone close to you could be doing

- Hitting you
- Threatening you
- Humiliating you
- Forcing you to have sex
- Threatening your children
- Abusing your children
- Breaking things in the house
- Keeping you short of money
- Playing mind games with you
- Ridiculing your beliefs
- Accusing you of being unfaithful
- Isolating you from family and friends
- Using contact with the children to abuse you or the Children

This could make you feel
- Frightened
- Worthless
- Unable to make decisions
- Trapped

I am not to blame for being beaten and abused
I am not the cause of another's violent behaviour
I do not like it or want it
I am a worthwhile woman
I am an important human being
I deserve to be treated with respect
I do have the power to take good care of myself
I can make changes in my life if I want to
I am not alone. I can ask others to help me
I am worth working for and changing for
I deserve to make my own life safe and happy

Tel: 03454 080151

Helpful Ideas If You Decide To Leave

Think about how you will leave.

Get help from family, friends or neighbours if you need to.

Try to have some money for phone calls, bus or train fares or a taxi.

You will need documents such as original birth certificates, proof of ID, National Insurance Numbers and Benefit Awards. Try to keep these together so that you can bring them with you.

You may have to leave quickly so have some clothes ready for you and the children. They may also want to bring a favourite toy or blanket.

Try to keep a key to your house.

Try to remember our phone number

038454 080151
Or Call the Police

Charity Number SC 034356

03454 080151

News for Women's Aid - Caithness & Sutherland

Tackling violence against womenThumbnail for article : Tackling violence against women
FM announces consultation on domestic abuse and sexual offences.   Proposals to help victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual offences have been announced in a consultation by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today.  

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