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Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland

Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland is a voluntary, benevolent organisation dedicated to the welfare of Labrador Retrievers in Scotland and parts of the North of England. Rescue relies heavily on the goodwill and generosity of family, friends, Labrador owners and even other breed owners ( Flatcoated Retrievers, German Short Haired Pointers and Spaniels to name but three. ) to run the Rescue.

Fund raising is carried out locally (in Caithness ) and in other parts of Scotland and England by friends and colleagues all year round as no charge is made for re homing to the previous or new owner for this service. Of course if either should wish to make a donation then it would be gratefully received.

Each Labrador is matched to the new family individually and contact is kept with me for the remainder of the dogs life with updates and photos etc. Previous owners are also supported by me with updates for what is usually a traumatic time having been forced to give up their beloved Labrador.

In excess of 500 pure Labrador Retrievers have been rehomed by me in the last 12 months and upwards of 70 others of predominantly Labrador origin Sadly the numbers are rising steeply each week.

The main reasons for Labradors being re-homed are

Marriage/partnership breakups
Moving house to rented accommodation
Terminal illness
Death of owner
Owners suffering from strokes
Ill health

Sadly the recession has hit hard and emigration is on the rise. So too are people who have been made homeless - people who love their Labradors and could never have envisaged being in this situation.

No one can predict the future and not everyone has family or friends who can rally round to help someone keep their Labrador.

The vast majority of Labradors being re homed by me are genuine cases of sad changes of circumstances - only a handful are unwanted Labradors.

If you would like to adopt please contact me on the number listed on the home page during working hours.

01955 641379

07845 010031


Mrs Carolyne Poulton

If you contact this Organisation, please let them know, you found them in the Community.Caithness.Org