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Showcase Of Local Voluntary Groups If Sufficient Interest - Get In Touch

23rd April 2024

Wick St Fergus Church proposes to hold a free event, open to the public, with the primary purpose being to increase awareness of all the work that goes on in Wick and East Caithness by the many diverse, local, voluntary organisations.

It is intended that it will take place some time in the middle of this year, on a Saturday afternoon for 2 - 3 hours and to encourage the community to pop in there will be two showings of ‘My Kind of Town' about Wick. (The BBC has given permission for this.) If you have already seen that programme you will be aware that the presenter said that where there is a need the community steps up to meet it which makes that programme entirely appropriate.

Groups will each be given a table to display information about their work and will be able to solicit volunteers, donations and, to network with representatives of other voluntary groups.

There will be many people in our community who are unaware of the work that goes on and this will be an opportunity to open their eyes and even perhaps to seek support where it is appropriate.

This event depends on the willingness of voluntary groups to participate.

If your group is interested in attending please contact Wick St Fergus Church by emailing by the end of April 2024.