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Bill Hit The Wick Trail Again on Friday 29th April

30th April 2022

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Photograph of Bill Hit The Wick Trail Again on Friday 29th April

Heading back into Wick on a different set of streets on Friday showing the old and new parts of the town.

There is still some confusion in some people's minds about who does what in respect to road repairs. The trunks roads do not come under the council's remit but most but most rest does.

Number one problem is lack of money over decades. The funding issue is ore complex than just saying Caithness gets a raw deal. There are many factors involved in this from population size to miles of roads to numbers of bridges (Highland has over 1300 bridges).

Budgets from Scottish Government have not kept up with the needs and al councils have problems with that.

There is no doubt all the new councillors will be wrestling with this issue.

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