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Covid-19 Reality Strikes

18th March 2020

This article appears today 18 March 2020 in the Scottish Review.

Covid-19 Reality Strikes
Anthony Seaton is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Medicine at Aberdeen University
Andrew Seaton is Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and an Honorary Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Glasgow (@raseaton66 on Twitter).

In this article there are two messages:
• Our risk of contracting Covid-19 relates to the number of people with whom we are in close contact, the duration of such contacts, and our personal hygiene actions;
• Our risk of serious consequences of infection relates to the efficiency with which our Governments prepare and support the NHS to cope with the inevitable increase in cases over the following weeks and months.
We are thus active participants in a test of both governmental competence and population compliance such as has not been seen in the UK since 1939.

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