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Caithness County Show 2016 - Results

19th July 2016

Photo Gallery

Photograph of Caithness County Show 2016 - Results

Aberdeen-Angus: Champion - B and J Mackay, of Skitten, Wick, with Balmachie Roderick, a thee-year-old bull sired by Balmachie Benvorlick.
Beef Shorthorn: J Campbell and Co, of Todholes, Thurso, with Ballylinney Daisy, a 17-month-old daughter of Podehole Edward. Reserve - J Campbell and Co with the 2016 and 2015 champion Todholes Rose Jenny, a six-year-old cow by a different Podholes sire.
Highland: S Gillon, of Lower Toftingall, Watten, with Robina of Aviedale. By Angus of Lyntoun, out of Myra 9 of Lagg. Reserve - I Gunn, of Cairwald House, Swiney, with the five-year-old cow, Primrose 10 of Knockendon, by James Beusach of An-Sidhean. She is out of a previous Knockendon cow.
Charolais: Champion and reserve inter-breed beef - W and A Oag, of Brims Mains, Forss, with home-bred Charolais Shebster Lucy, a 14-month-old heifer by the AI sire, Alwent Goldbar. She is out of a home-bred cow by Burradan Talisman. Reserve - J Morris, of Olrig Mains, Thurso, with Olrig Jadore, by Dingle Hofmeister and bred from the former Highland Show champion, Olrig Dubarry.
Simmental: Champion and reserve – J Sinclair Gunn, of Clairdon, Mabsey, Lybster. Champion was Omorga Five Star by Kilbride Delboy. Reserve – Mavsey Graceful, a home-bred yearling heifer by Keldrum Clio, out of Mavsey Dancer.
Continental: Champion and reserve – JJK Manson, of Upper Northfield, Wick, with British Blues. Supreme was Graymar Halle, a massive three-year-old in-calf female by Empire D'Ochain, out of Graymar Electra. Reserve – Caithness Krystal, a Drift Domino-sired nine-month-old heifer out of Caithness Caledonie.
Commercial cattle: Champion, supreme cattle and overall champion of champions – J Munro and Son, of Invercharron, Ardgay, with the supreme overall from Latheron, Kiss My ... a September-2015-born home-bred heifer got by the AI British Blue sire, Tweeddale Guiness, out of a home-bred Limousin cross cow. Reserve – Dunbeath Farms, Dunbeath, Caithness, with a February-born Limousin cross stot by Haltcliffe Headman.

Border Leicester: A Miller and Sons, of Aimster, Thurso, with a home-bred tup lamb and reserve with a ewe lamb.
Suffolk: D Manson and Sons, of Skaill, Thurso, with a home-bred two-shear ram by Middlemuir McCoist out of a ewe by Lakeview Loyalist. Reserve – B Swanson, of East Murkle, Thurso, with a January-born ewe lamb by Widdrington Major, out of a home-bred ewe.
Half-bred – B Swanson, of East Murkle, Thurso, with a home-bred gimmer by a Drennans sire bought at Lanark, out of a home-bred ewe. Reserve – Messrs D Miller, of Buckies, Thurso, with a March-born ewe lamb by an Aimster sire.
Prime lambs – J Campbell and Co, with a pen of two April-born ewe lambs by the Beltex sire, Bardnaheigh Trogan. Reserve – C Angus, of Oldfield, Thurso, with a pair of March-born Texel cross ewe lambs by a home-bred sire.
North Country Cheviot – – DN Campbell and Sons, of Bardnaclavan, Westfield, with a March-born tup lamb by Cairnside Royal Mail. He is out of a home-bred ewe by Cairnside Northern Light. Reserve and crofters champion – W Campbell, of Ormlie Road, Thurso, with a ewe lamb by Bardnaclavan's stock ram, Sebay Superstar, out of a home-bred ewe by a Roadside ram. Group champion – C Angus, of Oldfield, Thurso, with three home-bred gimmers. Reserve – C Angus with three tup lambs.
Hill Cheviot – Badanloch Estate, Kinbrace, Sutherland, with three-shear ram, Hethpool Rivet. By Attonburn Grandslam. Reserve – J Mackenzie, of Langdale, Strathnaver, with a gimmer by a home-bred son of Stouphill Laddie.
Blackface: D, A and K Douglas, of Achnamoine, Watten, with a three-crop ewe. Reserve – J Campbell and Co with a home-bred four-crop ewe by a home-bred sire but out of a Bardnaheigh-bred ewe.
Native: Chloe Stewart (16), of An-Cala, Gills, with a January-born Dorset ewe lamb out of a home-bred ewe. Reserve – J Mackenzie, of Langdale, Strathnaver with a South Country Cheviot two-shear ram. A son of Stirkfield Tam's The Man.
Lleyn: Champion and reserve – J Campbell and Co, Supreme was Fort Casanova, a three-shear ram. He was the sire of the first and second prize ewe lambs. Reserve – Todholes' April-born tup lamb by the champion and out of a home-bred ewe by Inchture Nae Limits.
Commercial sheep: W Barnetson and Sons, of Lynegar, Watten, with a Texel cross Half-bred one-crop ewe out of a home-bred Half-bred ewe. Reserve – Messrs Sutherland, of Sibmister and Stainland Farms, Thurso, with a home-bred Texel cross ewe by a home-bred sire.
Cross sheep: W Barnetson and Sons, of Lynegar, with a home-bred three-quarter-bred Texel cross Half-bred gimmer, by Sibmister Ultimatum. Reserve – Messrs Sutherland, with a bought-in Suffolk cross Half-bred two-crop ewe.
MV Accredited Texel: Champion and supreme sheep – C Angus with a home-bred three-crop ewe. She is by Oldfield Telstar, a Glenside Ring a Ding son retained for breeding, out of a home-bred ewe. Reserve – J Forbes, of Boultach, Latheron, with a tup lamb by Cairncam Wilderbeast. He is out of a Cambwell-bred ewe by Cowal Powerhouse.
Non MV accredited Texel: K Gunn, of Shop Farm, Scotscalder, with a ewe lamb by a Trideug son of Trideug Top Notch, out of a home-bred ewe by Garngour Playboy. Reserve – K Gunn with a tup lamb by the same sire but out of a ewe by Baltier Thunderbird.
Continental sheep: Y Spence, of Gowan Brae, Skye of Curr, with Benmore Pippa, a home-bred Charollais gimmer. She is by a Parkgate sire, out of a home-bred ewe. Reserve – A Sutherland, of Bardnaheigh, Harpsdale, with a Millennium Bleu tup lamb by a Tighnahinch-bred Bleu Do Maine and out of a home-bred Beltex gimmer.
Young handlers: Ages 12-16 – 1 and champion, Alastair McCarthy, Longue; 2, Millie MacKenzie, Tillymorgan; 3, Chloe Stewart, An Cala, Gills. Ages 6-11 – 1 and reserve, Dylan Alexander, Nipster; 2, Leo Mackintosh, Gowan Brae; 3, Alexander Douglas, Achnamoin. Fives and under – 1, Sophie Sutherland, Oxford.
Fleece – DA and K Douglas, of Achnmoine, Watten, with a fine fleece. Reserve – DA and K Douglas, with a medium fleece.

Clydesdale: J Taylor, of South Ronaldsay, with the home-bred yearling filly Aikers Lady Charolotte, by CW Carver and out of Aikers Lady Di. Reserve – J Munro, of Achscrabster Farm Cottages, Westfield, with the two-year-old filly, West Glen Apple Blossom. By Collessie Stepping Stone, out of West Glen New Dawn.
Highland: A McLennan, of Garth, Orkney, with the ridden seven-year-old stallion, Donald of Muck, by Strathmasty Seamus Mhor, out of Kaimes of Crowila. Reserve – N MacDonald, of Bridge Street, Halkirk, with the three-year-old gelding, Braehillor King Duncan.
Shetland: C Cameron, of Ardmhor, Munlochy, with Stow Rosie, a six-year-old yeld mare, by Warrickston Bob out of Lairg Hollygirl. Reserve – F McCarthy, of Seafield View, Mey, with the two-year-old miniature filly Beinra Springtime Minuet, by Stow Buzz out of Hawksground Lamorna.


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