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A View Of Wick and Scotland From A Norwegian Blogger

31st July 2013

Photograph of A View Of Wick and Scotland From A Norwegian Blogger

We were contacted to today by Norwegian Blogger Tony Jensen who has prepared a blog about his trip to Scotland.

Greetings from Norway!
I have just been to Wick, and have written a blogg.. The text are in norwegian language, but there are some nice pictures there.
The blogg is going to be launched at Bergen Scottish Societys web page, and norways biggest local paper, Fanaposten.
Hoping to spread some nice word about Caithness in western part of Norway..
Cheers, Slainte.. Tony

See the blog at -

The blog is in Norwegian and has some nice photos from his trip. We have use Google to translate what the blog says to let you se what he thought about his trip.

If one wants a nice trip to the Scottish Highlands, to see culture while dropping big city bustle, then Wick highly recommended.

I landed in Aberdeen and took the bus up. One can also take the train or fly to Wick. Inverness is located halfway on the approx. 7 hours traveling distance, and I had a little stop there. From Inverness car road runs along the coast. A varied views from the bus window, with both local whiskey distilleries, farms with highland cows, seals bathroom along the coast, sea birds etc.

Arriving in Wick, I was welcomed by the local bagpipe band, Wick Pipe Band. Another bagpipe band also visited the city, and the occasion was that both orchestras were playing together Friday and then travel to Thurso on Saturday. Bagpipe band has a separate house, where there was entertainment. A variation of Haggis, namely Haggis pie was consumed. There was also a large selection of cakes and tebrd for dessert. From the first moment I was met but a great warmth and courtesy, and it seems like the farther north you go in Britain, the more amicable the population. Another factor is the solidarity and support that bagpipe orchestra in this city and locals.

On Friday we marched in the street in Wick, and of course it was fun to take part in this, as the first Norwegian to travel to Scotland and joined the pipe band mass demonstration.

Then it was time for the tour of the local Whisky Distillery, Old Pulteney. Guided tour started with a film showing the story behind this distillery, then it was time for tasting-tasting of different vintages. One could also tap their own variation of this whiskey bottle, in a special edition, this would then cost a bit, about 80 pounds.

We trudged down to the harbor, where did get on board the lifeboat. In the harbor there were various fishing boats in different sizes, some were so small that one could be part of a film Elias. The port is cozy, and the city may be compared to Skagen. In Wick live about 9000 inhabitants, and it has about 9 pubs.

Wick has, according to Guinness world record, world's shortest street, Ebenezer Place is only 2.06 meters.

Saturday we went by bus to the neighboring town of Thurso, then their bagpipe orchestra celebrated one hundred years. On that occasion, they had a large parade with 5 bands.

Thurso is a more industrialized city, and had a number of people employed in the Dounreay nuclear plant, as it was in use. Previously there have been some rivalry between these two cities, but the peace has descended. In it was very good mood when we all went to the Ceilidh night in Thurso. Two young dancers from the local bagpipe orchestra, performed a very stylish Higland dancing.

(Have posted a video of dancing here:

In around Wick along the coast there are numerous castles. I did tour the next day, and it took no more than 5-10 minutes to drive to these places. Slightly south of the town is the ancient ruins of Wick castle, and there are great cliffs around.

Just north of downtown is a beacon in operation, and a small idyllic bay with boats.

Sinclair clan located north of Scotland, and it was they who went on cruises to Norway for a 400 years ago and was stopped in Otta. The ruins of Sinclair castle situated in the bay, is worth seeing it. This castle was built in the 1100's.

asinclaircastle aklipper

There are also several castles in the bay that are in use today, such as Ackergill tower and Keiss Castle. If one drive about an hour north of Keiss, so you can visit the large mansion-castle Castle of Mey. This is, however, closed to the public in August, when Prince Charles wearing it.

In the summer there is a busy program for bagpipe band. It happens every weekend in Wick. A weekend can be agricultural show with exhibits, horse riding etc. A weekend can be a gala parade, a kind of carnival parades with big and small cars, and some choose some royal costumes. The town also has a museum that takes care of its maritime history, as well as something called Pulteney peoples project center which is a more appealing and effective variation of the NAV.

As I have mentioned, as is the harbor a great sight, and sitting there with some shrimp or fish 'n chips while hearing the waves and gulls is something for herself.

Some history about Wick;

The city's history dates back to Viking times when the area was ruled Caithness as part of Orkney. The name is of Norse origin, and means "inlet". Much of the part of town that is south of the river, Pulteneytown, was developed during the herring boom in the 1800s. The place was an important port for herring exports, and it was produced much kippers (smoked herring) there. In the museum Wick Heritage Centre is this aspect of its history well lit.

John O `Groat Journal;

The local newspaper and northern Scotland's variant of Fanaposten. The newspaper became famous when it a few years ago failed to disclose the former conservative government's secret plans to conduct nuclear test blastinga at Dounreay plant.


With his typical Scottish reddish hair - "Ginger hair 'is a symbol for Lightning Scottish ladies. She is the grandmother of eight grandchildren and playing in the local bagpipe orchestra. She worked in much of his working life in the local shoe store, but sadly let down due to the recent. reorganization. Now she has a part time job as a bartender at one of the local taverns.


All in Wick also know this cheerful fellow. Craig has several part-time jobs. He works as a waiter in Weatherspoons which is a restaurant chain where one can get good food at a reasonable price. He also works as a bodyguard in swimming pools in the city.


She was elected as mayor of Wick and the surrounding area, Caithness and represents the SNP, Scottish National Party. Through the campaign Yes, Scotland involved herself heavily for secession from England and want to get further inspiration from how Norway manages its oil money. Next year, the Scots go to the polls, to choose whether to be more independent.


This nice couple run the traditional Nethercliffe hotel in Wick. Not only was it great service, tradition rich Scottish food, but also the garden itself was a gem. If one asks, the couple also assist with tour tour in the district.


This towering figure playing bagpipes in Wick pipe band. He is not afraid of a storm, because he works at the local rescue boat, and they are given work in any weather.


From Wick takes approx. Three quarters by bus to John O `Groats. Here is the passenger ferry to Orkney. From a short distance slightly longer west, one can also take the ferry to the islands. When I arrived in the largest city on the islands, Kirkwall, so I struggled a bit to find accommodation. But luckily I found the Kirkwall Hotel, where there was a nice view out over the harbor. Price wise it's a little more expensive to stay in Orkney than on the mainland.

It was easy to see the Norwegian tracks in Kirkwall. Streets that King Haakon street, and St. Magnus Cathedral. Inside this magnificent old cathedral, leave a Bible on the altar with Norwegian subtitles. Also a statue of St. Olaf was in the cathedral.

The flag that flew in Orkney is almost the same as the Norwegian, just that they have changed the color white with the yellow. The local said that they also went in May 17 trains. But they also have "commercialized" Viking heritage. More places one could buy jewelery with runes, swords, helmets etc.

After a lot of men, so I got on a 2 storey tour bus. There are several smaller companies that deal in customized tours, with Land Rover or small aircraft. First stop on the tour was the famous archaeological site of Skara Brae

Skarabrae2 SkaraBrae

Here is the excavation of a village dating 5000 years back in time, astonishing. According to some local residents, as it was in those days together archaeologists from other parts of the world, to dig out this newfound space. Close by Skara Brae, is also a castle, blah. conveys pirate stories of Captain Kidd.


The bus drove on to the two stone circles which was about 3000 years old. There are several theories about how they were and what they were used to.

stone circle

In Kirkwall I got with me pop music in a pub that is known to have live music.

For me the greatest musical experience to hear Kirkwall Pipe Band playing in a building belonging to St. Magnus Cathedral. When individual members played the violin, accordion, organ and singing folk music from Orkney, then I got goosebumps - it was beautiful. (A clip can be seen here;

kirkwall pipe band

Highland Park is one of two distilleries on the island, and a very popular one, which has won several awards. Guest area was very delicately made to, and there was a large selection of both beverages and related products. On this guided tour got one in detail with the production of whiskey, from the burning of peat, malt process, and how the whiskey is stored in oak barrels. Eiken is imported from Spain or the United States, and to add color and flavor of the whiskey. They are also one of the few distilleries that still allowed to use the classic pipes in their whiskey production.

After the fine Tours was time for tasting of the different vintages of Highland Park, 12, 16 and 18. The most exclusive bottle was a 10,000 pound. It sells the one about 2-3 of the year. The day I was there, there was one who ordered such a bottle. According to rumor, the person should be from Norway. I was curious and came back just before closing. None appeared, but I got some free whiskey of those who worked there.

a b d e i j

In a hotel a short basis distillery, is a hotel that has a great selection of whiskey. Here are the 300 whiskeys and a rare Scapa from Orkney to be tasted, as I sat comfortably in a Chesterfield chair.


Weather in Orkney may be cam so hard, and it is therefore with trees on these islands. There was some rain while I was there, but on the mainland it was sunny and tropical conditions. So I went down again towards Inverness. This city is like Kirkwall known for tourism. I took the train from Wick and train twisted in the mountain scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Beautiful scenery, with mountains and woods, and I saw several birds of prey that had caught smaller prey. On the smaller train stations was Gaelic written alongside the English.

In Inverness there are many souvenir shops selling Scottish kilts effects and equipment. Some of these shops also rent kilt, it is quite common in the larger cities to rent a kilt. For one should have a real kilt, an out with a 4-5 thousand dollars. Then one must often be measured, and book a 2 weeks in advance, before it is ready. In these stores also sold "fjuske kilt, for a 5-6 hundred dollars can get a cotton kilt. But one can also buy other things such as bag one has front kilt, it is called Sporran, and was originally intended to protect the private parts in sword fighting.


Through Inverness runs a river, which comes from the famous lake Loch Ness. There are some great bridges that span the river in the center of Inverness. One can take various excursions to Loch Ness, also by boat.


I was there while the local Higland Games were held. Higland Games held in several other Scottish cities as well. This is a two-part event, but dance and bagpipe competitions and different sports activities. In sport it is like to children and youth who participate in running, long jump, etc. while in the more "risky" parts such as shot put, hammer throwing and log throwing, it is reserved for the adults.


Those balls roll of chain was assembled in such a way that they roll against each other and they have to move in order to not be hit by the bullet. It has happened before that some people have been injured.

Two local bagpipe bands opened the Games and the one band, Inverness pipe band had gala uniform wearing, thinking it was reasonably warm.


I trudged into a large clan kilt and tents were rigged. Here I got a lot of attention for my special kilt that I went to, where the Norwegian and Scottish flag is embedded in tartan pattern. One of them that I talked most about, from the Maclean clan.

There was also some entertainment from the tents behind the site, as well as some "original" people who strutted around the area.


From the north Scotland came the girls to participate in the dance competition Higland dancers. This kept the parallel in sports exercises. There was also a little girl of 6 years from Wick who participated.


At the rear of the site was the junior championship in sekkepipeblsing, and the judge followed closely with who won. I came on this contest, and could predict the winner in advance, he was superb, Cameron MacDougall.


From Inverness to Aberdeen

Set the infamous Whisky belt, namely Speyside. Here is Scotland's highest concentration of whiskey distilleries. One reason is the river that runs through the area. I visited one of them, Strathisla. It produces a single malt of the same name, as well as Chivas Regal. The exterior was very cozy and could reminiscent of Old Bergen. Also on this tour, got a know details about the production process. When the stock Chivas regal, then use the liquid from 12 other single malt whiskeys. The distillery had a separate closed chamber for "royal" dining. What also was interesting to hear was that they collaborated with other distilleries to keep whiskey in case of burn in one of them. On the back of the distillery there was a river, and the water was used to clean the tanks with. The tasting was served on Chivas and Strathisla.

When I ran through several of these smaller towns, so it seemed that all was well kept. Great old brick house, lovely churches, flower arrangements, etc. There were also large memorials to fallen from the war in almost every city, this is not as common or visible in this country.

The food has been touched on before, haggis in several varieties, either as pie, or mashed potatoes. Fish 'n chips is also common to buy the snack bars. The menus are like here, and feel an even greater selection of Asian food.A should also try out the Scottish soda Irn Bru which has an orange color. This soda is difficult to obtain in England, especially after advertising for soda mocked the English.

Hvis en nsker en koselig tur til det skotske hylandet, for se kultur og samtidig slippe stor by maset, s er Wick absolutt anbefale.

Jeg landet i Aberdeen og tok buss oppover. En kan ogs ta tog eller fly til Wick. Inverness ligger halvveis p den ca. 7 timers reisestrekningen, og jeg hadde et lite stopp der. Fra Inverness gr bilveien langs kyst stripen. En variert utsikt fra bussvinduet, med bde lokale whisky destillerier, grder med hylands kuer, seler som badet langs kysten, sjfugl etc.

Vel fremme i Wick ble jeg tatt imot av det lokale sekkepipebandet, Wick Pipeband. Et annet sekkepipeband gjestet ogs byen, og anledningen var at begge orkestrene skulle spille sammen fredagen, og s reise til Thurso p lrdagen. Sekkepipebandet har et eget hus, og her var det bevertning. En variant av Haggis, nemlig Haggis pai ble fortrt. Det var ogs et stort utvalg av kaker og tebrd til dessert. Fra frste stund ble jeg mtt men en stor varme og hflighet, og det virker som at dess lengre nord en kommer i Storbritannia, dess mer vennskapelig er befolkningen. Et annet moment er dette samholdet og oppslutningen som sekkepipe orkesteret har i denne byen og blant lokal befolkningen.

P fredagen marsjerte vi i gaten i Wick, og det var selvsagt stas f delta i dette, som frste nordmann som reiser over til Skottland og deltar i sekkepipeband massemnstring.

S var det tid for omvisning p det lokale Whisky destilleriet; Old Pulteney. Omvisning startet med en film som viste historien bak dette destilleriet, deretter var det tid for tasting-smaking av forskjellige rganger. En kunne ogs tappe sin egen variant av denne whiskyen p flaske, i en spesial utgave, dette ville da koste litt, ca 80 pund.

Vi trasket ned mot havnen, hvor en fikk komme om bord p livbt. I havnen var det forskjellige fiske bter i forskjellige strrelser, noen var s sm at en kunne vrt med i en Elias film. Havnen er koselig, og byen kan kanskje sammenlignes litt med Skagen. I Wick bor det ca 9000 innbyggere, og den har ca 9 puber.

Wick har i flge Guinness verdensrekord, verdens korteste gate; Ebenezer Place som er bare 2.06 meter.

Lrdagen dro vi i buss til nabo byen Thurso, da deres sekkepipe orkester feiret hundre r. I den anledningen hadde de en storstilt parade marsj med hele 5 orkestre.

Thurso er en mere industri preget by, og hadde en del mennesker sysselsatt i Dounreay atomanlegg, da det var i bruk. Tidligere har det ogs vrt litt rivalisering mellom disse to byene, men freden har senket seg. I det var kjempegod stemning da vi alle gikk p Ceilidh kveld i Thurso. To unge dansere fra det lokale sekkepipe orkesteret, fremfrte en meget stilfull Higland dancing.

(Har lagt ut en video av dansingen her:

I omrdet rundt Wick langs kysten er det en rekke slott og borger. Jeg fikk omvisning dagen etter, og det tok ikke mere enn 5-10 min kjre til disse stedene. Litt sr for byen er de gamle ruinene av Wick castle, og det er flotte klipper i omrdet rundt.

Rett nord for sentrum er det et fyrtrn som er i drift, og en liten idyllisk bukt med smbter.

Sinclair klanen holder til nord i Skottland, og det var de som dro p tokt til Norge for en 400 r siden, og ble stoppet i Otta. Ruinene av Sinclair castle som ligger i bukten, er verdt f med seg. Dette slottet ble bygget p 1100 tallet.

asinclaircastle aklipper

Det er ogs flere slott i bukten som er i bruk i dag, slik som Ackergill tower og Keiss Castle. Hvis en kjrer ca en halvtime nordvest fra Keiss, s kan en beske det store herskapelige slottet Castle of Mey. Dette er dog stengt for publikum i august mned, da prins Charles bruker det.

I sommermneden er det et hektisk program for sekkepipebandet. Det skjer noe hver helg i Wick. En helg kan det vre landbruks show med utstillinger, hesteridning etc. En helg kan det vre galla parade, en slags karneval opptog med store og sm biler, og enkelte velger litt kongelige kostymer. Byen har ogs et eget museum som tar vare p dens maritime historie, samt noe som heter Pulteney peoples project center som er en mere forlokkende og effektiv variant av NAV.

Som jeg har nevnt, s er havnen et flott skue, og sitte der med noen reker, eller fish`n chips mens en hrer blgeskvulp og mkeskrik er noe for seg selv.

Litt historikk om Wick;

Byens historie gr tilbake til viking tiden da omrdet Caithness ble styrt som en del av Orknyene. Navnet er av norrn opprinnelse, og betyr vik. Mye av den delen av byen som ligger sr for elven, Pulteneytown, ble utbygget under sildeboomen i det 1800-tallet. Stedet ble en viktig havn for sildeeksporten, og det ble produsert mye kippers (rkt sild) der. I museet Wick Heritage Centre er denne siden ved byens historie godt belyst.

John o`Groat Journal;

Den lokale avisen og nord Skottland sin variant av Fanaposten. Avisen ble landskjent da den for noen r siden klarte avslre den tidligere konservative regjeringens hemmelige planer om foreta kjernefysiske prve spregninger ved Dounreay anlegget.


Med sitt typisk skotske rdlige hr Ginger hair er Lyn et symbol for skotske damer. Hun er bestemor til 8 barnebarn, og spiller i det lokale sekkepipe orkesteret. Hun jobbet i store deler av sitt yrkesaktive liv i den lokale sko butikken, men dessverre la den nylig ned pga. omorganisering. N har hun en deltidsjobb som bartender p et av de lokale vertshusene.


Alle i Wick kjenner ogs til denne muntre karen. Craig har flere deltidsjobber. Han jobber som kelner i Weatherspoons som er en restaurant kjede hvor en kan f god mat for en rimelig penge. Han jobber ogs som livvakt i svmmebasseng i byen.


Hun er valgt inn som ordfrer for Wick og omrdet rundt, Caithness og representerer SNP, Det skotske nasjonalist partiet. Gjennom kampanjen Ja, Skottland engasjerer hun seg sterkt for lsrivelse fra England, og nsker hente videre inspirasjon fra hvordan Norge forvalter sine olje penger. Til neste r skal skottene g til valgurnene, for velge om de skal bli mer selvstendig.


Dette hyggelige ekteparet driver det tradisjonsrike Nethercliffe hotel i Wick. Ikke bare var det god service, tradisjons rik skotsk mat, men ogs hagen i seg selv var en perle. Hvis en spr, kan ekteparet ogs vre behjelpelig med tur omvisning i distriktet.


Denne ruvende skikkelsen spiller sekkepipe i Wick pipeband. Han er heller ikke redd for en storm, for han jobber p den lokale redningsbten, og de fr oppdrag i all slags vr.


Fra Wick tar det ca. 3 kvarter med buss til John O`Groats. Her gr det passasjer ferge til Orknyene. Fra et lite stykke litt lengre vestover, kan en ogs ta bilferge til yene. Da jeg kom frem til den strste byen p yene, Kirkwall, s strevde jeg litt med finne overnatting. Men jeg fant heldigvis p Kirkwall hotell, og her var det fin utsikt ut mot havnen. Prismessig er det litt dyrere overnatte p Orknyene enn p fastlandet.

Det var lett se norske spor i Kirkwall. Gater som King Haakons street, og St. Magnus Cathedral. Inne i denne flotte gamle katedralen, la det en bibel p alteret med norsk tekst. Ogs en statue av Olav den hellige var i katedralen.

Flagget som vaiet p orknyene er nesten det samme som det norske, bare at de har byttet hvitfargen ut med den gule. De lokale sa at de ogs gikk i 17.mai tog. Men de har ogs kommersialisert viking arven. Flere steder kunne en kjpe smykker med runeskrift, sverd, hjelmer etc.

Etter mye om og menn, s kom jeg meg p en 2 etasjes omvisnings buss. Det er flere mindre selskaper som driver med skreddersydde omvisningsturer, med Landrover eller smfly. Frste stopp p turen var det kjente arkeologiske stedet Skara Brae

Skarabrae2 skarabrae

Her er det utgravinger fra en landsby datert 5000 r tilbake i tid, forblffende. I flge noen lokale beboere, s var det i disse dager samlet arkeologer fra andre steder av verden, for grave ut en nyoppdaget plass. Like ved Skara Brae, ligger ogs et slott, som bla. formidler sjrver historier om Kaptein Kidd.


Bussen kjrte videre til to steinsirkler som var om lag 3000 r gamle. Det er flere teorier om hvordan de ble til, og hva de ble brukt til.


I Kirkwall fikk jeg ogs med meg lokal musikk p en pub som er kjent for ha live musikk.

For meg var den strste musikalske opplevelsen hre Kirkwall Pipe band spille i et tilhrende bygg til St. Magnus Katedral. Da enkelt medlemmer spilte p fiolin, trekkspill, orgel og en som sang folkemusikk fra Orknyene, da fikk jeg gsehud, det var vakkert. (et klipp kan sees her; )


Highland Park er et av 2 destillerier p yen, og et meget populrt et, som har vunnet flere priser. Gjeste omrdet var meget delikat laget til, og det var et stort utvalg av bde drikkevarer og tilhrende produkter. P denne guidete turen fikk en i detaljer med seg produksjonen av whiskyen, fra brenning av torv, malt prosessen, og hvordan whiskyen blir oppbevart i eikefat. Eiken blir importert fra Spania eller USA, og er med sette farge og smak p whiskyen. De er ogs et av f destillerier som fremdeles fr lov til bruke de klassiske pipene i sin whisky produksjon.

Etter den fine omvisninger var det tid for smaking av de forskjellige rgangene med Highland park, 12, 16 og 18 r. Det mest eksklusive flasken var p en 10.000 pund. Den selger den en ca 2-3 av i ret. Samme dag som jeg var der, var det en som bestilte en slik flaske. I flge rykte skulle vedkommende vre fra Norge. Jeg var nysgjerrig, og kom tilbake rett fr stengetid. Ingen dukket opp, men jeg fikk litt gratis whisky av de som jobbet der.

a b d e i j

I et hotell et steinkast ifra destilleriet, ligger et hotell som har et stort utvalg av Whisky. Her har de 300 sorter whisky, og en sjelden Scapa fra Orknyene mtte smakes, mens jeg satt godt i en Chesterfield stol.


Vret p Orknyene kan vre nokk s hardt, og det er derfor lite med trr p disse yene. Det var en del regn mens jeg var der, men p fastlandet var det sol og tropevarme. Jeg dro derfor nedover igjen mot Inverness. Denne byen er i likhet med Kirkwall kjent for turisme. Jeg tok toget fra Wick, og toget snirklet seg i fjell landskapet i det skotske hylandet. Vakker natur, med fjell og skog, og jeg s flere rovfugl som hadde fanget mindre byttedyr. P de mindre togstasjonene var Glisk skrift side om side med det engelske.

I Inverness er det mange suvenir butikker som selger skotske effekter og kilt utstyr. Enkelte av disse butikkene leier ogs ut kilt, det er ganske vanlig i de strre byene leie en kilt. For skal en ha en ekte kilt, m en ut med en 4-5 tusen kroner. Da m en gjerne mles opp, og bestille en 2 uker p forhnd, fr den er klar. I disse butikkene selges ogs fjuske kilt, for en 5-6 hundre kroner kan en f en bomulls kilt. Men en kan ogs kjpe andre ting, slik som vesken en har foran kilten, den kalles for Sporran, og var opprinnelig ment som beskytte de edlere deler i sverdkamp.


Gjennom Inverness renner det en elv, som kommer fra den kjente sjen Loch Ness. Det er enkelte flotte broer som gr over denne elven i sentrum av Inverness. En kan ta forskjellige utflukter til Loch Ness, ogs med bt.


Jeg var der mens de lokale Higland Games ble holdt. Higland Games holdes i flere andre skotske byer ogs. Dette er et todelt arrangement, men danse og sekkepipe konkurranser og forskjellige sports aktiviteter. I sports grenene er det gjerne barn og ungdom som deltar i lping, lengde hopp etc. mens i de mere risikofylte delene slik som kulestt, sleggekasting og tmmerstokk kasting, er det forbeholdt de voksne.


De som kastet kuler med kjede, var oppstilt p en slik mte at de kastet mot hverandre, og de mtte flytte seg for ikke bli truffet av kulen. Det har hendt fr at enkelte har blitt skadet.

To lokale sekkepipe orkestre pnet lekene, og det ene bandet, Inverness pipeband hadde galla uniform p seg, tenker det var rimelig varmt.


Jeg trasket inn i et stort klan og kilt telt som var rigget opp. Her fikk jeg stor oppmerksomhet for min spesielle kilt som jeg gikk i, hvor det norske og skotske flagget er vevd inn i tartan mnsteret. En av dem som jeg pratet mest med, var fra Maclean klanen.

Det var ogs en del underholdning fra teltene bak omrdet, samt en del originale folk som spankulerte rundt p omrdet.


Fra hele nord Skottland kom det jenter for delta i danse konkurranse for Higland dancers. Dette holdt p parallelt med idretts velsene. Det var ogs en liten jente p 6 r fra Wick som deltok.


P baksiden av omrdet var det junior mesterskap i sekkepipeblsing, og dommeren fulgte nye med hvem som vant. Jeg fulgte med p denne konkurransen, og kunne p forhnd sp vinneren, han var suveren, Cameron MacDougall.



Ligger det bermmelige Whisky beltet, nemlig Speyside. Her er Skottlands hyeste konsentrasjon av Whisky destillerier. En av rsakene er elvene som gr igjennom omrdet. Jeg beskte et av dem, Strathisla. Her lages en singel malt med samme navn, samt Chivas Regal. Utvendig var dette veldig koselig, og kunne minne litt om Gamle Bergen. Ogs p denne omvisningen fikk en vite detaljer om produksjons prosessen. Nr de lager Chivas regal, s bruker de vske fra 12 andre singel malt whiskyer. Dette destilleriet hadde de en egen avlst kammer for kongelig servering. Det som ogs var interessant f hre, var at de samarbeidet med andre destillerier om oppbevare whisky, i tilfelle det skulle brenne i et av dem. P baksiden av destilleriet gikk det en elv, og vannet ble brukt til rengjre karene med. P smakingen ble det servert p Chivas og Strathisla.

Da jeg kjrte igjennom flere av disse mindre byene, s virket det som alle var velstelt. Flotte gamle murhus, nydelige kirker, blomster dekorasjoner osv. Det var ogs store minnesmerker over falne fra krigens dager i nesten hver by, dette er ikke s vanlig eller synlig her til lands.

Maten har jeg vrt inne p fr, Haggis i flere varianter, enten som pai, eller med potetmos. Fish`n chips er ogs vanlig kjpe i snackbarene. Menyene er slik som her, og gjerne et enda strre utvalg av asiatisk mat.En br ogs prve ut den skotske brusen Irn Bru som har en oransje farge. Denne brusen er vanskelig skaffe i England, spesielt etter at reklamen for brusen harselerte med engelskmennene.