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Play Talk Read Bus Coming To Thurso and Wick

8th March 2019

Photograph of Play Talk Read Bus Coming To Thurso and Wick

The Play Talk Read bus is coming to Thurso and Wick.

"The Play, Talk, Read campaign highlights how the first few years represent a golden opportunity for us to give our children the best possible start in life.

"Simply by playing, talking and reading with our children more often we can make a real difference to their development.

"Improving the life chances of all our children is a key priority for this government. By the age of three a child's brain is three-quarters of its adult size, with 50 per cent of language skills already developed, making the need to get the early years right beyond debate.

"As well as the benefits to the individual it makes good financial sense for the wider community. Every one pound invested in a child's early years can generate an eventual saving of nine pounds for the taxpayer."

"There is growing and conclusive evidence that what happens before birth and through the early years of a child's life dictates their longerterm life chances. The Play, Talk, Read campaign is crucial as it has proved very effective in encouraging parents to engage with their children right from the start.

"There are hard-edged economic benefits to early intervention. Early and effective intervention can significantly reduce costs to the state, both in the short and long term, and deliver better results for the individuals involved.

For fun information and advice on children's reading hop along to the Play Talk Read bus.

For more about the bus and reading go to -