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Parents urged to support Safer Internet Day for childrenís online safety

22nd January 2014

The Highland Councilís Education Service is supporting Safer Internet Day on 11 February by inviting parents and carers of Highland pupils to take part in a national online campaign organised by SIDtv and the UK Safer Internet Centre.

This is a unique opportunity for parents to ask the questions that matter to them about keeping their children safe online. If they could ask Facebook, Twitter, Xbox or BT a question, what would it be?

The Education Service has provided some information about participating in the annual Safer Internet Day on their website at

Participants are invited to use the hashtag #SID2014 if taking part in the event and to send their questions by email to sidtv[AT] by 23 January.

Participants should state their first name and how old their children/ grandchildren are and SIDtv will try and respond to as many questions as they can.

The types of questions that may be posed are: ďWhat do Xbox game ratings mean? Not sure how to report abusive comments on Twitter? How do I set parental controls at home provided by your ISP?Ē

Through Safer Internet Day TV these questions can be asked directly of the people, who make these decisions.

A panel of experts from Facebook, Twitter, Xbox and BT will be answering questions about keeping children and families safe on the internet on 30 January in Belfast. The film will become part of the SIDtv programme on Safer Internet Day, 11 February 2014.

Parents, carers and grandparents are being called upon to send in their questions to be answered by these experts, who are involved directly in shaping privacy, safety and content rating features on Facebook, Twitter, Xbox and BT in the UK.

To see the questions answered, just tune in to SIDtv on 11 February from 3 pm or 7 pm at

SIDtv will have special programmes for young children and young people aged 11 -16 too on the day, so encourage them to tune in too to find out more about being safe on the internet!

For more information visit:



∑; or

∑ Join the Safer Internet Day supporters list -

∑ Join the Thunderclap - register now to join the tweet campaign on #SID2014