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The John O' Groats Mill - Open Weekend - 9th and 10th September

7th September 2017

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Photograph of The John O' Groats Mill - Open Weekend - 9th and 10th September

Everyone in our community is aware of the mill at Groats - we've all driven past it, some of us daily. It's very much a local landmark. You may even know a little of its history: it was grinding corn as recently as 2001 and its machinery is still in working order to this day.

Not many of us, however, have had the opportunity to see through the buildings. Well, now’s your chance. By kind permission of the Houston family, the Mill will be open on Sat. 9th and Sun. 10th September from 11am till 5pm. All are welcome, and it’s especially hoped that local folk from our Canisbay and Dunnet community council area will take the chance to visit.

Like many in our community, you’ve maybe wondered what could happen to the old mill -
will it end up, like so many other iconic buildings in our county, dilapidated and beyond repair? This often seems the inevitable end for a building whose original purpose is no longer relevant.

There is, however, an idea that just might change this; a proposal to take the mill into community ownership, give it new purposes, and make it a place to benefit and enrich the lives of the people in our area for generations to come. It’s a big building and has got lots of space and potential: it’s a blank canvas for local folk to decide how to use.

This is where you come in....

We need your opinion. Without community interest, this project will be nothing more than a pipedream. However, if, as a community, we show interest and enthusiasm for the idea, an application to bodies such as the Scottish Land Fund stands a reasonable chance of success.

Earlier this year at an open meeting, the first steps were taken to investigate if these ideas were feasible and "The John O Groats Mill Trust" was set up. But that in itself means little unless community opinion is behind it.

There is neither catch nor commitment. Simply by visiting you’ll help to show that there is interest to develop this project further. And you’ll certainly find the place interesting. It’s a time capsule.

So, please visit and give your opinion as to how the mill building could bring benefit to our local community

If you are unable to attend but are interested to know more, that’s ok - just email and we’ll get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you,

The John O Groats Mill Trust

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