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Betting - Londoners Are Scientific and Scots Are Bravest

26th April 2014

Photograph of Betting - Londoners Are Scientific and Scots Are Bravest

Gut instinct helps London punters make capital gains but Scots use maths and bravery

LONDON'S PUNTERS put the most trust in their gut instinct when it comes to placing their bets according to a survey commissioned by Ladbrokes

The research also showed that London's bettors are also more scientific and analytical than anywhere else in the UK with 25% of those questioned indicating they were professors when it came to football, compared to just 15% of Scots who committed to using maths when looking to working out how to land a windfall. Scots however were by far the bravest bettors (38%) compared to any other area.

Londoners were shown to be the least optimistic about the fate of their bets with Welsh punters the most hopeful when it came to the chances of their bet winning.

Both the North East & North West regions had more gut trusters than any other category leaving the Midlands with a below average number of scientific individuals at 21%. The South West was equally short on number crunchers at just 20%.

The survey was commissioned by Ladbrokes ahead of the launch of its new advertising campaign, 'This is the Ladbrokes life',  which introduces characters The Professor, Generous John, The Gut Truster, Mr Brightside & The Believer.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: "Football fans in the capital seem to place the most trust in their gut instinct and the numbers. The polar opposite seems to be the case in Scotland which is home to the bravest believers whilst those in Wales always seem the keenest to look on the bright side."

Ladbrokes survey results

140,000 football fans surveyed on their betting habits to establish which of the four characters they most align themselves with:

Believer 38%
Gut Truster 23%
Mr Brightside 24%
Professor 15%

Believer 21%
Gut Truster 36%
Mr Brightside 18%
Professor 25%

North East
Believer 27%
Gut Truster 29%
Mr Brightside 24%
Professor 20%

North West
Believer 25%
Gut Truster 31%
Mr Brightside 22%
Professor 22%

Believer 25%
Gut Truster 30%
Mr Brightside 25%
Professor 20%

Believer 24%
Gut Truster 31%
Mr Brightside 24%
Professor 21%

Believer 20%
Gut Truster 26%
Mr Brightside 29%
Professor 25%

South West
Believer 23%
Gut Truster 31%
Mr Brightside 26%
Professor 20%

Characteristic traits:

*Believer - Loves the underdog and long odds. The bravest and always has the most confidence and belief in their bet.

*Gut Truster - Believes some things don't always run to form. Gets a feeling and a sixth sense which often serves them well.

*Mr Brightside - A glass half full type. Always hopeful but never lets a losing bet get them down. Knows his luck will change.

*Professor - Encyclopedic knowledge, mathematician's mind. Knows the name of every left back in La Liga. Nerdy, but cool.

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